About Us

EventSecPro is owned and managed by a group of committed individuals, who have been in the business for several years and counting, each one bringing in to EventSecPro—their unique skills and know-how complementing the TEAM and creating dynamism and synergy that ensures EVENTSECPRO will carry-out paramount Events Facilitation Services and Safety Solutions Management.

EventSecPro recognizes that safety and security is a particular area often taken for granted in an event. It has identified that more so than safety and security, there needs to be a stable set of precautionary measures built in to the system, and once properly executed, such methods can properly eliminate the higher probability and risk of implementing an immediate response for a “worst-case scenario”. The best and simple example would be in the area of Crowd Control Management - a well laid out event safety plan for execution will readily address issues like dealing with a high volume, influx of attendees/participants in an event; it drastically reduces “margins for error”. Correct and proper handling and/or in the sense, “controlling” of a crowd makes a large event manageable and thus avoiding stampede and pandemonium.


EventSecPro puts into play appropriate contingencies and strategies to always be on top of things for all possible scenarios - quick-response that is logical and appropriate in any unavoidable scenario, thus preventing and managing any untoward situations from actually happening.

EventSecPro is more than about providing the right set of personnel who are skilled in the business. We ensure that our TEAM is equipped not just with tools but also in knowledge, up-to-date with the latest advancements and improvements made available to them in such field. EventSecPro also sponsors trainings and seminars, not just to invest in its growing TEAM, but also to provide support and learning for those who hope to learn the ropes of the business.


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