Products & Services

Concert Marshals

Concerts are always bound to attract the diehard fans. This is not including the regular ones who simply want to get as close as possible to the stage. Handling large crowds are of no problem to EventSecPro.

Celebrity & VIP Close-In

VIPs and high-profile personalities require extra attention in terms of safeguarding their safety. EventSecPro with its vast experience in this field ensures proper handling and treatment of any VIP guest.

Special Events Marshals

PR events such as the ones spearheaded by huge corporations and their corresponding brands are part of EventSecPro’s portfolio.

Bar and Club Bouncers

Bars and clubs can also pose as quite the challenge. Whereas on one hand the call to protect the customers from any untoward incident is strong, so is the call to protect everyone else from a particular patron who may be quite difficult—more so than others. 

Crowd Control Management

Product launches, kickoffs, PR events, concerts, bars, and the likes are sure to draw in numerous people. One needs to be certain that each is pulled off nearly flawlessly.

Events Safety Planning and Organizing -Consultancy and Training

With years of experience under its belt, EventSecPro considers itself fortunate in being able to impart their knowledge by consulting with event organizers on how to optimize factors such as location, time, and resources of an event.

Communications Equipment / Two-Way Radio Rental

EventSecPro understands that an integral part of a sound safety or precautionary arrangement is communication. And so, it is more than just about having skilled personnel, it is important that these trusted personnel are equipped with tools such as the two-way radios, hands-free devices, wireless/concealed cameras, etc. EventSecPro offers a wide range of communication tools suitable for your needs.